eyeOS - a new OS concept

Can you imagine an OS written in PHP, XML and JavaScript? eyeOS is such type of web service that can provide you a platform which can be accessed from anywhere through the Internet. The eyeOS comes with a preloaded set of applications such as a word processor, a music player, a calendar, a file manager and so on. You can find most of the common applications on this platform. You can even upload files and develop new applications as you want. The following screenshots show the user interface which is simple and pretty. Many functions that you can find in your local desktop OS are implemented.
The eyeOS brings us the concept of cloud computing. The key advantages include:
(1) Centralized platform resides in the server, allowing to work and collaborate from everywhere through the Internet.
(2) Unified formats remove the compatibility issues in the traditional operating system.
(3) Your data are stored in the server. Never need to worry about the disk failure.

If you find this is interesting, check the demo out :)